Invesco Indexing Investable

The Invesco Indexing Investable Universe
Invesco Indexing Investable Universe Methodology

The Invesco Indexing Investable equity universe is global in scale — comprising securities issued in both developed and emerging markets. We use a fully transparent, systematic approach to securities selection — focusing on the most liquid small-, mid- and large-cap stocks.

Rebalancing and Reconstitution

The Invesco Indexing Investable universe is updated four times per year, with a reconstitution process intended to reset the overall global equity universe. Rebalancing helps ensure that holdings remain relevant to the index universe, with the most illiquid securities eliminated.

As part of the reconstitution process, markets are analyzed annually — a rigorous process that considers a country’s inflation, national income, sovereign debt rating, openness to foreign investment and equity market maturity.

Qualifying Holdings

The Invesco Indexing Investable universe captures the investable segment of the global equity market. Publicly listed equity securities, or securities that exhibit equity-like characteristics, are eligible for inclusion. We carefully consider the liquidity of universe constituents — including company size, trading activity and any limitation to ownership that reduces security free float.

The Invesco Indexing Investable universe is designed with an eye toward customization. Securities are selected based on size, country, region and business segment — allowing us to deliver highly customizable solutions across both developed and emerging markets.