Conclusion from Consultation on Change to Exclusions in Certain Equity ESG Indexes

Invesco Indexing has concluded the public consultation regarding a potential change to the list of exclusions used in certain equity ESG index methodologies. As previously announced, the consultation applied to the following list of indexes and proposed the addition of the below exclusionary criteria:

Index Name:

Invesco Global Climate Alignment Index

Invesco Global Gender Balance Index

Invesco US Core ESG Index

Invesco US Social Equity Index


Proposed Additional Exclusions:

Oil, Gas, and Shale (0% revenue tolerance)

Nuclear Energy (0% revenue tolerance)

GMO’s and Pesticides (5% revenue tolerance)

After having sought and received stakeholder feedback, Invesco Indexing will be implementing the three additional exclusionary categories as part of the Indexes’ security selection methodology. The implementation of these changes will occur with the regularly scheduled June 2021 rebalance.

For any questions or comments, please contact a member of the Invesco Indexing team at