Invesco Indexing Consultation on Potential Updates to Fixed Income Index Methodology

Invesco Indexing is conducting a consultation on proposed updates to the index methodology for the Invesco Euro Corporate ex-Subordinated & Financials Bond Index. The consultation will run through November 12th, 2021 at which time, having received stakeholder feedback, Invesco Indexing will publish conclusions from the consultation. A summary of the proposed changes is below along with the affected index:

  • Proposal #1: Security selection: sinking fund bonds explicitly excluded
  • Proposal #2: Security weighting: maximum issuer weight of 5%

Index Name


Invesco Euro Corporate ex-Subordinated & Financials Bond Index


Invesco Indexing welcomes your feedback on these proposals through Friday November 12th, 2021. If adopted, these proposed updates would be implemented with the monthly rebalance on November 30th, 2021.

To share your preference for these options, or provide additional feedback, please contact Invesco Indexing at