2018 Index Methodology Review of Nasdaq BulletShares® Municipal Bond Indexes

Invesco Indexing has recently completed a methodology review of the Nasdaq BulletShares® Municipal Bond Indexes. Through this exercise, the team considers index methodology updates that have the potential to enhance the indexes’ overall representativeness, investability, and consistency with expected exposures and outcomes. Invesco Indexing is proposing one change to the Nasdaq BulletShares® Municipal Bond Indexes methodology. The details for the proposed change can be found here. Invesco Indexing encourages clients to provide feedback on the proposed changes by contacting the team at IndexSupport@invesco.com. Consideration of insights from a range of stakeholders is expected to ensure that the indexes continue to seek to deliver the expected market exposure and outcomes through a clear, thoughtful, and transparent index construction methodology. Invesco Indexing welcomes feedback from clients through December 31, 2018. At that time, the team will publish their conclusions and, should any methodology changes occur as a result, those changes are expected to be incorporated in the Indexes and their associated rebalance effective January 31, 2019.