Invesco Indexing Launches Suite of Fixed Income Factor Indexes

On April 24, 2018 Invesco Indexing LLC launched a suite of Fixed Income Factor Indexes. These outcome-oriented Indexes emphasize Quality and Value across the investment grade, high yield, and emerging markets debt sectors. The suite also includes two multi-factor Indexes that provide broad exposure to the fixed income market, while emphasizing both Quality and Value.

The eight new Fixed Income Factor Indexes include:


  • Invesco Investment Grade Quality Index

  • Invesco High Yield Quality Index

  • Invesco Emerging Markets Debt Quality Index


  • Invesco Investment Grade Value Index

  • Invesco High Yield Value Index

  • Invesco Emerging Markets Debt Value Index


  • Invesco Multi-Factor Core Index

  • Invesco Multi-Factor Core Plus Index

The Indexes are designed to seek to deliver specific outcomes in different market environments. The Quality Indexes, for instance, have a defensive profile and seek to reflect a degree of downside protection in periods of market weakness. The Value Indexes, meanwhile, emphasize securities with greater capital appreciation potential in periods of market strength. The Multi-Factor Indexes seek to provide exposure to the broad fixed income market, while providing additional emphasis on Quality and Value, in an effort to deliver an attractive risk / reward profile.

In addition to these factor Indexes, Invesco Indexing also launched three Indexes intended to provide broad, diversified exposure to specific segments of the fixed income market.

The three market exposure Indexes include:

  • Invesco U.S. Treasury 1-3 Years Index

  • Invesco U.S. Treasury 10-30 Years Index

  • Invesco U.S. Fixed Rate 30-Year MBS Index

With the launch of these Indexes, Invesco provides a full range of options for investors to track the performance of factors that have been known and researched within equities for years, but now can be examined in the bond markets. By reflecting both Quality and Value across the Investment Grade, High Yield, and Emerging Markets Debts segments of fixed income, these Indexes should provide a comprehensive set of tools for investors interested in the impact of specific risk premia across the bond markets.

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