Invesco Indexing Announces Launch of Two New BulletShares® Indexes

Effective June 1, 2018, Invesco Indexing LLC extended two families of Nasdaq BulletShares® indexes by launching the Nasdaq BulletShares® USD High Yield Corporate Bond 2028 Index and Nasdaq BulletShares® USD Corporate Bond 2028 Index.  Nasdaq BulletShares® Indexes are designed to have a return profile similar to that of an individual held-to-maturity bond, while delivering the benefits of a diversified bond fund. The High Yield Corporate Bond and Corporate Bond Index suites currently each contain Indexes with individual maturities from 2018 to 2028, resulting in a series of diversified fixed income Indexes with successive annual maturities.  
For more information on Nasdaq BulletShares® Indexes, visit Nasdaq BulletShares USD High Yield Corporate Bond Indexes or Nasdaq BulletShares USD Corporate Bond Indexes.
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